Asia’s Free Digital Library for Children

About Let's Read!

We think kids need books. Good books with spectacular illustrations. Books about kids who look, live, and speak like them. So we designed an approach that enables communities to build digital libraries in their own languages.

The Let's Read! initiative draws on The Asia Foundation's in-country capabilities, local partnerships, and technological expertise to empower communities to create, translate, and share high-quality, richly illustrated children's books. Let’s Read’s multi-lingual, digital collection and community-driven strategy are designed to spark a lifelong love of reading throughout Asia.

Let's Read! is more than a digital library—it is a quick and cost effective approach to solving the problem of book scarcity in local languages and in remote or underserved communities. Our digital library website and app - fueled by workshops that create and translate books in local languages - put stories directly into the hands of children, parents, teachers, and communities. All of the books in the Let's Read! library carry a Creative Commons license, which allows them to be read, downloaded, printed, and shared with very few restrictions.

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What Let's Read! Does


Visit the Let's Read! library from any device and start reading local language books, it's completely free! Download PDFs from the library to read offline or print, or download the app. There's many ways to read!


Thousands of high-quality and beautifully illustrated children’s books are sourced from publishers and NGOs from around the world, organized by reading level and categories, for everyone to enjoy.


Communities throughout Asia contribute to the library by translating books using our built-in platform. This quickly expands the availability of local language books & creates local reading advocates.


Local, brand new storybooks that capture children’s imaginations are produced by teaming aspiring in-country writers and illustrators with publishing professionals to guide the book creation process.


Let's Read! works with local organizations to involve families, communities, and schools in all aspects of the initiative, from reading promotion to translation and book creation.